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CSI and Eddie Izzard

Long time no post - I'm slowly getting caught up with everything again after going on holiday, catching the mumps and viral meningitis, recovering, starting back at work, and getting our wireless internet sorted out. Whew. Anyhoo, these are a few things I made before all hell broke loose.

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8

Eddie Izzard
9 10 11 12 13

Random ER/Doug&Carol icon

Some of these are really bleugh. Sorry.
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Love #5. Snagged it. Thank you. Will credit!
amazing CSI ones! great great
Great CSI icons! Thanks for sharing, will credit when use!
Love the CSI ones! Took them all ^_^ And the Doug&Carol one. Thanks!
Saved #7 will credit if I use it.
I took number 5. Will credit!
This is horrifying... but what picture is 14? I can't recognize it.. what scene? OMG, I'm a horrible fan.
Me neither! I can't place that embrace from that angle! I guess I would guess The Storm?
It's that scene in Sleepless In Chicago just when they were about to kiss before Doug pulls away.
Really? Huh. I still can't tell, haha. Well, I guess I can see Carol... I can make out her... "expression," if you will. Haha.
See, now I'm going mad because I can't find the original picture I must have made that icon from.... And it was so long ago now, I'm starting to wonder if it ISN'T DC.... but then who on earth is it?? Man, this is going to bug me all night now LOL
Oh okay. Me? STOOPID. That is so not DC. It's a thing from Due South. This is why I shouldn't make dark icons LOL. But look tho, how much does this look like a DC scene that never happened?! -

M, you should totally use that for a fic!