Catherine (evilgiraffe) wrote in longandwinding,

Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain icons, ooo.

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god this makes me want to see it again. what an amazing film that was.
great icons.
I didn't take any of these post but I didn't know what post you actually put them in (found 'em with a google search), but I took the one of Jack Bauer holding a gun with the text jackbauer and also the one of Julian McMahon in the red shirt with the cherries and "temptation" written on it. I'm crediting the icons as "made by <lj user=evilgiraffe" and also if it's not okay that I took them, please tell me! Anyway, yeah, you have great talent and thanks for making the great icons you've made so far! ^^
mkay, picking up from where i left off:

"made by evilgiraffe". Also, if it's not okay for me to have these icons, I'll be happy to remove them.

Added note, you're really talented and I love the work you're doing! ^^